Released after a couple of delays – all down to my inability to get the album art printed.

C30 cassette, limited edition of 9 and includes a free digital download.



This is just a quick update to say thank you for everybody that has supported me in the last couple of years by listening and buying, visiting my pages or even just talking on Twitter.  I’ve learned a lot from just being around an excellent online community.  It’s a shame I can’t meet more people in person but hopefully that will change.

I’m working on some new sounds at the moment.  I recently got hold of an old TASCAM multi-track cassette recorder and it has some really fun tricks.  I’m still working on it but every day I’m getting more and more confident with it and producing better material.


I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I’m considering a limited tape release via my Bandcamp page of some new material.  Hopefully that will work out and I’ll update when there’s some more progress.

Take care out there.