WeaklingChild – Core

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: WeaklingChild
Title: Core
Keywords: experimental cassette dark ambient noise minimalist noise soundscape Ashford

WeaklingChild wants us all to validate it’s meaningless existence by checking out (and probably hearing) this tape. What’s on it? Clearly Weakling Child’s album titled ‘Core’ is on it, or at least that’s what we presume. I’m one of these (un)lucky people who isn’t in the financial position to get my claws on one of these tapes, but luckily there is a way to hear it through the digital internet. Goth bless!

It starts (as you do) with soft crackles, the ones that feels like it’s the ambient variant of a harsh noise wall but somehow feels more decadent, well mannered and polite. For some idiotic reason I imagine Sherlock Holmes and Watson smoking pipes in full old fashioned detective outfit near a calm burning fireplace. Glass of wine in one hand and smoke coming out…

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